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21 Days of Prayer

January 1 - 21, 2022

During our 21 Days of Prayer we're encouraging you to use The Upside-Down Kingdom guide to focus your daily prayer and reflection time.

In terms of sheer impact, no speech has transformed the world more than the one given by Jesus on the mountainside. In fact, most great speeches are simply piggybacking on the thoughts and principles in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. And it begins with some of the most shocking, upside-down statements ever made.

As we take the truth of God, testified to brilliantly by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount, and apply it to our relationships with God and with people, the result will be transformation. It will not be just the appearance of transformation on the outside, but true transformation from the inside out.

Just as Jesus communicated with his Father in Heaven through prayer, so can you. And as prayer becomes a larger part of your life:

  • You will become less focused on yourself, and more focused on Jesus.

  • Your temptations and fear will give way to dependence on God and confidence in him.

  • You will begin to discern God’s will and calling in your life.

  • It will be your weapon when you are drawn into spiritual battles.

Your power to be used by him to effect change in this world begins with prayer. Beyond yourself, when you pray, you build and strengthen bonds with other believers.

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