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Updated: 03.01.22

Working together to care for and love one another well is core to our Valley Brook vision!

  • We continue to follow the State of Connecticut Covid guidelines when we gather for any service, event or program. 

  • As of February 28, 2022 the State of Connecticut has lifted the mask mandate, so regardless of one’s vaccination status, masks are no longer required

  • However, please know that we continue to fully support anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask. 

  • You can find the current State of Connecticut guidelines are outlined here: https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus/Covid-19-Knowledge-Base/Latest-COVID-19-Guidance

In all of our decision-making we focus on these four guiding principals: 

Safety – The first and most important focus is the health and well-being of our attenders, volunteers, and staff.

Compliance – We will follow both state and federal guidelines.

Inclusion – We want to regather in a way that considers and serves all people groups including at-risk groups and children.

Unity – We want to partner with other churches in our region to regather in a way that supports and unifies the greater body of Christ.


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We have resources and people who can volunteer to help serve those in our communities who have been affected by the Coronavirus and need a hand.

We've created a special page on our website where you can submit a form and let us know if:

  • you need specific help
  • you can volunteer to help others in need
  • you would like our team to pray with you

Click here to learn more.