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Additional Information

General Questions:
Email | [email protected]


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Leader Resources

Life Group Leader Resources*
Study and training resources, curriculum links, meeting dates and more.
*Password protected; email [email protected] to obtain leader access.

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Life Groups Meeting Online

Updated 3.20.20

As we continue to adhere to regulations for group gatherings, which have resulted from the Coronavirus, our Life Groups are now "meeting" online.

Group members use a free, video conferencing solution, Zoom, to connect each week for their group. We're grateful that technology allows for a "virtual community" and we can still do life together.


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A Place to Connect

Valley Brook Life Groups offer you an opportunity to get connected.

We believe that the best way to grow in your faith is through getting together in small groups to

  • study the Bible
  • pray
  • connect and socialize

We call these small group gatherings "Life Groups." 

View group list and register using the sign up link below:

Life Groups meet at the Valley Brook campus or homes throughout Granby and surrounding towns on various nights for about 2 hours.  

Group Size
For the comfort of both our host homes and Life Group members, we will be capping registration at a group size that aligns with the site location.

We schedule Life Groups on a semester basis because we recognize it's not always possible to commit to a Life Group for a full year. Although we encourage people to sign up at the start of a semester, we welcome and invite you to sign up for a group at any point in a semester.

  • Semester One | Fall | Starts Week of September 8
    September - December 2019

  • Semester Two | Winter-Spring | Starts Week of January 26
    January - May 2020

  • Semester Three | Sumer
    June - August 2020