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A Place to Connect!

Life is always better together and Valley Brook Life Groups offer you an opportunity to get connected. 

We believe that the best way to grow in your faith is through getting together in small groups to study the Bible, pray, connect and socialize. We call these small group gatherings "Life Groups." 

General Questions: [email protected]


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Find A Group

We schedule Life Groups on a "semester" basis because we recognize it's not always possible to commit to a Life Group for a full year. Although we encourage people to sign up at the start of a semester, we welcome and invite you to sign up for a group at any point in a semester. 

  • Fall Semester
    October - December
  • Winter-Spring Semester
    January - May 

Click here to view group list and sign up.

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10-Week Marriage Course

Love and Respect (from Dr. Emerson Eggerichs)

Meets Online on Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM
Starts February 11*

: Ed & Laura Lee Carroll
Cost: $10 per couple for workbook
Registration: Please complete sign up form below

*1st session will meet in person at Valley Brook at 11:15 AM on Sunday, February 11 and remaining sessions will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM via Zoom.

"In the marriage class, Love & Respect, author Dr. Emerson Eggerichs introduces the concept of the Crazy Cycle, a negative communication pattern that can occur in marriages. When one partner responds in a way that feels disrespectful to the other partner, it can trigger a negative reaction, causing the cycle to continue. Learn how to break the cycle and build a stronger relationship. To break the Crazy Cycle, Dr. Eggerichs suggests that couples need to recognize and address the underlying needs for love and respect in both partners.

By showing love and respect to one another, couples can create a positive cycle of interaction and strengthen their relationship. You will learn practical tips and exercises to cultivate this positive cycle. Through the Crazy Cycle, Love & Respect offers valuable insights into the ways that negative. Communication patterns can impact the marriage. By understanding, and addressing these patterns, couples can build a stronger and more loving relationship." (Description from loveandrespect.com)


Marriage Course - Sign Up Here

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Leader Resources

Life Group Leader Resources*
Study and training resources, curriculum links, meeting dates and more for our Life Group leaders.

*Password protected; email [email protected] to obtain leader access.