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A Place to Connect!

Life is always better together and Valley Brook Life Groups offer you an opportunity to get connected. 

We believe that the best way to grow in your faith is through getting together in small groups to study the Bible, pray, connect and socialize. We call these small group gatherings "Life Groups." 

General Questions: [email protected]


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Find A Group

We schedule Life Groups on a "semester" basis because we recognize it's not always possible to commit to a Life Group for a full year. Although we encourage people to sign up at the start of a semester, we welcome and invite you to sign up for a group at any point in a semester. 

  • Fall Semester
    October - December
  • Winter-Spring Semester
    January - May 

Click on "sign up" button to see the available groups and meeting details.

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Practicing the Way

All Church Study: Practicing the Way | 8 Weeks

October 1 - November 19

Life Groups are starting the fall season with our 8-week All Church Study, Practicing the Way using curriculum designed to help the body of Christ grow into Christlikeness. This curriculum will be used in our Life Groups as we work together to integrate and help arrange our lives around God. There are 9 ancient spiritual practices in which we’ll begin practicing the first two, Sabbath and Prayer. We'll spend the first four weeks focused on the Sabbath practice and the second four weeks on the Prayer practice. 

Sabbath...Jesus called it "rest for your souls." We'll learn how to stop, rest, delight, and worship as we make Sabbath a part of our life.

Prayer...we'll pursue a deeper life of union with God through prayer. We're going to learn to live each day more and more aware of and deeply connected to our Father; to be transformed into the likeness of his Son, Jesus; and to be filled with the fullness of his Spirit, to do what he made you to do in the world.

  • Sabbath Week One: Stop
  • Sabbath Week Two: Rest
  • Sabbath Week Three: Delight
  • Sabbath Week Four: Worship
  • Prayer Week Five: Talking to God
  • Prayer Week Six: Talking with God
  • Prayer Week Seven: Listening to God
  • Prayer Week Eight: Being with God

We encourage everyone to join a life group for this study and sermon series! 

Study Resources:

While not required to participate, we highly recommend creating a free Practicing the Way user account and using the Companion Guides that accompany the Sabbath and Prayer practices.

When you create a user account you can access the weekly life group videos and other resources. The Companion Guides for each practice contain weekly exercises, readings, and resources to help you create new daily rhythms. You can purchase a printed guide (sample available for preview at the Life Group table in the cafe on Sunday mornings) or download a free digital guide.

User Account

  • Create a free, Practicing the Way user account - Sign up here

Companion Guides

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Leader Resources

Life Group Leader Resources*
Study and training resources, curriculum links, meeting dates and more for our Life Group leaders.

*Password protected; email [email protected] to obtain leader access.