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Partner in Prayer

The Word of God says that prayer changes hearts, fights spiritual battles, and stirs up faith. Missionaries need our prayer support above all else.

Our hope is that everyone at Valley Brook — individual, family, small group — will build a relationship with and be in prayer for at least one missionary or missionary family we support. Thank you for partnering with us in supporting our missionaries!

Below are current prayer requests from our supported* missionaries.

*Some Valley Brook missionaries are not listed online due to the sensitive nature of their assignments. 

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Corey & Katie Garretet | Senegal

  • For more Senegalese to read the Bible
  • For online connections that draw people to Christ
  • For the Garrett girls, who are all studying in the USA
  • For Corey and Katie and their boys as they move to and adjust to living in Dakar

Dan & Tina Gibbs | Nigeria

  • Wisdom for daily decisions
  • Direction as the Gotel Initiative focuses on reaching the least-reached
  • Additional missionary staff to join

Bill & Kathy | Senegal

  • Thanks be to God for the 4 interns slated to come to Senegal for 6 weeks in summer 2023
  • For God to call several couples and singles with life and ministry experience to join our team long term in Senegal
  • For MKF, a young Senegalese believer, who will be living and ministering in Keur Massar, a poor suburb of Dakar, in conjunction with a national pastor and mentored by one of our teammates


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ABC Women's Center | Connecticut

  • That we may reach the fathers of the children we serve and help them grow as leaders at home
  • That we can meet the community's needs
  • Pray for our leaders in the capital fighting for life; that God may give them courage to stand for truth

John & Jenny | Pennslyvania & internationally in the Middle East

  • That more Muslim refugess will have the courage to overcome pressure from their family & community and put their faith in Jusus. This comes with great personal cost and risk. Pray for the growth and safety of these new believers
  • For our upcoming trips to be safe and fruitful

Bryan Bywater | Hartford

  • That God continues to move at the Street Church
  • Unity with churcees and empowerment of leaders
  • Continued safety as we minister during these uncertain times

Cindy Chen | Connecticut

  • Connecticut staff to be fully funded
  • That God would gather a community of people who commit to pray for college campuses

Hartford City Mission (HCM) | Connecticut

  • Pray that the children who have not already accepted Christ as Lord would fully grasp God's love
  • Pray for encouragement of the HCM staff and volunteers and consistent funding for HCM

The Hartford Project (THP) | Connecticut

  • Strength and encouragement for ministry partners
  • That God's presence will be known in Hartford
  • Encouragement for staff, volunteers and students
  • For a stirring of people's hearts to display the Gospel in service to their communities

Tony & Martha Hinton | North Carolina (support Bible translation work worldwide)

  • For the safety of missionaries around the world as they travel over land and water to reach the lost
  • For Tony to follow God’s leading as he instructs new missionaries; that he would teach what they need to know; that they would remember the teaching in order to keep safe while travelling
  • For Martha to hear what’s important when consulting with families; that she would connect them with the right resources; that she would speak God’s words of wisdom and encouragement
  • For Tony and Martha to maintain spiritual discipline in their busy travel schedules and that God would protect their marriage and physical health when they are apart

Kyle & Danielle VanEtten | Connecticut & East Coast

  • Pray for creativity in mission in our current cultural moment as we share the gospel with Gen Z and tackle difficult conversations in an increasingly post-Christian environment on campus
  • Pray the CT team of 5 staff and 5 volunteers that God will continue to give them vision and direction
  • Pray for workers for the harvest; we are in need of more staff and volunteers to support the ongoing work of IV and to plant ministry on new campuses


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Chris & Karen | Asia

  • Traveling mercies as we visit teams around the world
  • Wisdom and discernment in leading field teams
  • Pre-field orientation in July for new workers
  • Health and safety of our workers in an ever changing world

Scott & Vicky | Asia

  • For our four children as they graduate & transition tot he U.S. and/or first jobs (Psalm 139:7-10)
  • For our abiding in Him, trusting Him to bear much fruit (John 15:5)
  • For our local friends to be in the Word and for barriers to that happening removed (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

Brother Khalaf & Allan | Middle East & N. Africa

  • For Raja al Uman leadership; that God would raise up a new generation fully committed to advancing the Gospel
  • That the instability and the shakings in the Middle East and N. Africa wouldn't limit our service but create new opportunitiies
  • For the safety of our workers and their families during these difficult times

Rafik & Nancy | Middle East & N. Africa

  • For God to send us true seekers who want to know Jesus through media
  • For the 72 house churches that have ben planted over the past couple of years; that they will continue growing in the Lord and the knowledge of his word, and that they will keep on multiplying
  • For Jesus to bring more Muslim scholars, and Jihadis to a knowledge of himself

J John & Susan | South India

  • Protection over 32 pastors and regular sponsors
  • Protection of Agape children
  • A crisis intervention center needs a permanent place for ministry


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Central America

Jaylynn Perry | Guatemala

  • Greater spiritual growth for the children and youth we are discipling 
  • Ability to lead our team well 
  • Renewed energy and strength to continue serving children and families well 


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Aaron & Julia O'Neill | France

  • That God will bring us young unbelievers thirsty for the Gospel
  • For our family; Kilian, Kiara, Nora and our marriage
  • Thanksgiving for the group of students that regularly meet in our home to explore the Gospel
  • For the students that we teach* English to on campus; that God would
    continue to open doors to connect with them on a deeper level 
    *(300+ students we meet weekly for English learning; Julia has 12 hrs./week teaching, Aaron has 6 hrs./week teaching)
  • Thanksgiving for our local church La Chapelle évangelique de Mulhouse who are very supportive of what we do
  • Ask the lord of the Harvest for more laborers